The Construction Institute of Canada was founded in 2003 by a group of Canadian construction industry executives. The primary objective of these founders was to create an organization that would promote and implement the highest possible standards of professionalism and ethical conduct throughout the Canadian construction industry.

The founders shared a strong belief in the power of education and skills upgrading to elevate professionalism and ethical standards throughout the construction industry. To this end TCIC offers Gold Seal certified professional development courses for Canadian practitioners.

The Institute also recognizes the need for strong self-regulation in the construction industry and operates accordingly.

Every TCIC member has numerous opportunities to listen, question and learn from panels of seasoned construction industry experts addressing topical subjects.

TCIC Objectives

In summary and simply put, the five objectives of the TCIC are to:

  1. Maintain the highest possible ethical standards and administer membership governance accordingly.
  2. Identify, develop and deliver accredited professional development opportunities for construction industry professionals in Canada.
  3. Provide industry practitioners with an educational accreditation program that combines construction-specific technical knowledge with commensurate business and management skills.
  4. Promote active industry partnerships and networking opportunities.
  5. Cultivate and maintain global affiliations and international reciprocity with construction associations and organizations that share our vision

Industry Role

TCIC's goals are to:

  1. Define, promote and help safeguard the highest international standards of professional competence and ethical conduct among all Canadian construction practitioners.
  2. Assist industry owners and managers to reach and maintain these standards through education and professional development.
  3. Help ensure that high levels of professionalism and ethical conduct are maintained through membership governance.
  4. Raise public awareness of TCIC industry standards, especially among buyers of construction services.

To help achieve its goals TCIC:

  1. Keeps its practitioners abreast of new legislation affecting sustainability, safety, contract law and structured contract changes.
  2. Grants and monitors member accreditation based on a combination of work experience, conduct, service and accredited industry-specific educational courses that meet the highest international standards.
  3. Publicly recognizes and publicizes practitioners who meet TCIC's codes and rules of professional conduct, affirming the overwhelming need for strict and professional standards.