Effective Tools, Techniques & Models for Project Management

Introduction video

When it comes to construction management, there’s a tsunami of information out there. How to lead and succeed, how to manage our time, tasks and talent, how to turnaround a tumultuous project. Everyone wants to tap into the tools of the trade, but with so much knowledge flying at us, how do we know what really sticks?

Consider this course a carefully curated cheat sheet to help you conquer the multifaceted world of construction management.

This one-day course provides a comprehensive set of tools that you can draw upon, utilize and combine to assist you in developing pathways and responses to problems that will advance and improve outcomes in the field of construction management – and other areas of your professional life.

Whether you’re just starting out or have decades of experience managing large and complex projects, this course will not provide you with not only a new set of tools but also teach you how to apply old tools to projects and businesses in new thoughtful, strategic and unconventional ways.

Who Should Attend:

This course is suitable for anyone involved in the management and leadership (at any level) of construction projects

Topics & Outcomes Include:

  • Mission, vision – why they are important and how to communicate them effectively
  • How to develop and meet your goals and how it applies to construction projects
  • Leadership versus management – the traits to build on
  • Proactive vs. reactive – how to maximize one while minimizing the other
  • Effective meetings – how to lead them
  • Emotional Intelligence – learn how to improve your EQ
  • The Planning Fallacy and Confirmation Bias – how to ensure your plans are workable & realistic
  • Continuous improvement – why it’s more important than ever and how we need to change to improve
  • Project monitoring and control - apply effective tools and techniques
  • Personal time management, you can’t manage projects unless you can manage yourself- you will learn to apply tools and techniques that work for your personality
  • Management by wandering around (MBWA) – how to effectively apply it to your sites
  • Black Box Thinking and Cognitive Dissonance – how to recognize your failures and leverage them to your advantage
  • Pareto’s Law and the 20/80 rule – learn to apply to your construction business
  • The Checklist Manifesto and construction- how to develop effective checklists
  • Building great relationships – you will learn to think differently in your interactions with stakeholders
  • Selling and Negotiation strategies –how to negotiate a successful change
  • Black Swan events – develop methods to minimize their occurrence
  • How to ask better questions in order to get better answers
  • How to reframe difficult tasks and problems
  • The art of a successful presentation, to clients, to subs, to employees
  • Why success can lead to failure and how to avoid it
  • Steps to leverage today’s failure into tomorrow’s success
  • Productivity and please do sweat the small stuff
  • Motivational triggers
  • Keeping up in a fast-moving world, learn to learn faster & have better retention
May 8 & 15, 2024 Wed. 6:30pm – 9:30pm ET (Evening)
OR Aug. 1 & 8, 2024 Thu. 9am – 12pm ET
Tom Stephenson MBA, PMP, CM Lean
TCA member:
$400.00 + HST
$450.00 + HST
INSTRUCTOR: Tom Stephenson MBA, PMP, CM Lean

Tom Stephenson is an award-winning professor and best-selling author. His diverse teaching disciplines include construction project management, business management, architecture, carpentry, and brick and stone masonry. As a dual-professional, Tom is called upon by industry leaders to translate knowledge, reinvigorate corporate culture, and inspire innovation in emerging and established companies across Canada.