Introduction to Better Communication & Scheduling for Construction

Construction Look-ahead Scheduling could be better!

Are you a superintendent, project manager or planner and do you spend a lot of time planning and tracking the progress of one or more construction projects? Then please register for this free-session! Lunch and Learn on

KYP (KEEP YOUR PROMISE) Project presents an ideal solution for project look-ahead scheduling in the construction sector. You can easily and quickly create a schedule and offer all project partners the clarity they need.

What will be discussed:

  • Introducing KYP and Schedule with ease
  • The importance and advantages of planning together
  • Building the bridge between the office and the construction site (How MS Project/P6 planning and KYP Project work together)
  • Digital and useful feedback from project partners
  • How to easily keep an overview of all your projects
  • Improve trough insights
  • Q & A
Dec. 10, 2021
Fri. 12pm – 1pm
Zoom Meeting
Sander Ruissaard, Account Executive for KYP
TCA member:
INSTRUCTOR: Sander Ruissaard, Account Executive for KYP in North America.

Sander has been rolling out KYP in Western Europe for the past few years, where he was responsible for implementing KYP and training project teams at the larger GCs. In Europe, KYP now has about 350 GCs tied to them using KYP on their projects. KYP received increasing demand from the Canadian construction market for their software and since a few months the first builders have started using it.