Invoicing Properly to Get Paid Promptly

For Subcontractors & Suppliers Under the New Construction Act in Ontario

This 3.5 hour seminar is designed to introduce the subcontractor and supplier of construction materials to the new rules of prompt payment under the law that came into effect in October 2019. We work at a boots on the ground administrator level. The days of asking GC’s to cover your monthly progress draw are gone. Failure to get your invoice in on time and with the required support documentation may mean penalties under the new act in Ontario.

Understanding what constitutes a proper invoice and how to ensure your invoice is carried forward to the owner is critical to exercising your rights. This session is designed specifically for sub trades and suppliers. We will show you how to trigger an adjudication upon receipt of a notice of non-payment, and what is critical to include in your paperwork. We will examine many of the pitfalls in getting paid on time historically and now that the rules have changed.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the rules of payment or non-payment as they now apply to subcontractors
  • Learn what constitutes a proper invoice and what elements must be included in your progress or final invoice to ensure you get paid
  • Recap their lien rights under the new legislation
  • Understand when adjudication is either automatically or voluntarily triggered
  • Learn about the Authorized Nominating Authority, timelines for adjudication and costs associated with adjudication.

A summary of learnings package for future reference will be provided in the class.

Who should attend: This course is ideal for ANY subcontractor, sub subcontractor or supplier of building products.

TCA, 70 Leek Cres. Richmond Hill, Ontario
Derek A. Smith
TCA member:
INSTRUCTOR: Derek A. Smith

A trained design professional for over 15 years, Derek has collaborated on over $300 million in built or contemplated ICI and residential projects. As the CEO of the London & District Construction Association (2007-2012) he acted as employer bargaining agent to General Contractors and Civil Contractors in a successful strike free round (2010). He also chaired the Construction Lien Act Task Force for the Council of Ontario Construction Associations, and is the Executive Officer of the Stratford & Area Builders Association, the largest per capital residential builders association in Canada.