Planning, Scheduling and Control for Contractors – 3-day Course

Save money on your projects and build the brand recognition and reputation that you desire for yourself and your business by learning to effectively manage your project's schedule, costs and resources. Effective planning, scheduling and control, is the difference between being on time, or behind time; making money or losing money; being stressed-out or stress-free. This Gold Seal accredited course will provide you with the fundamental skills and knowledge required to successfully plan, schedule and, most importantly, control simple to complex construction projects. This three-day course gives participants the technical and soft skills to successfully manage construction projects.

This course is suitable for anyone involved in the management of construction projects including: Project Coordinators, Facilities Managers, Assistant Superintendents, Superintendents, Assistant Project Managers, Sub-contractors, Project Managers, M&E Coordinators, LEED Coordinators, BIM Coordinators, Architects and Designers , Estimators, and Field Engineers.

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Manage projects to deliver on time
  • Analyze and determine sequence and duration of construction activities
  • Apply change and claim management principles and conduct time impact analysis to your project
  • Grasp the soft (leadership, communication, management) and technical side of project management planning and scheduling
  • Plan construction activities for various building projects
  • Apply and manage resources effectively
  • Review critical path method (CPM) schedules
  • Develop a construction plan and schedule (baseline schedule)
  • Develop effective short-term look ahead schedules.
  • Monitor, control and update project progress, including accelerating and delaying construction
  • Analyze performance and productivity information from past construction projects for use in planning future projects
  • Communicate construction project information effectively and accurately by analyzing and presenting data in graphic and written format
  • Apply Earned Value Analysis
  • Apply change and claim management identification and relief documentation
  • Manage time, cost, quantity and quality performance for construction projects
  • Ensure proper communication structures are in place to effectively implement the planning and scheduling process
  • Implement a number of management and leadership skills that are required to successfully plan, schedule and control projects

There will be one take-home assignment/multiple choice test.

Tue. Mar. 26, Tue. Apr. 2 & Mon. Apr. 8, 2019
(3-day course)
8:30am – 4pm
TCA, 70 Leek Cresc., Richmond Hill
Mr. Tom Stephenson
TCA member:
$575.00 + HST
$675.00 + HST
INSTRUCTOR: Mr. Tom Stephenson

Tom Stephenson is an award-winning professor and best-selling author. His diverse teaching disciplines include construction project management, business management, architecture, carpentry, and brick and stone masonry. As a dual-professional, Tom is called upon by industry leaders to translate knowledge, reinvigorate corporate culture, and inspire innovation in emerging and established companies across Canada.