Profitable Contracting

Reduce Costs, Control Expenses, Improve Cash Flow, Top 10 Ways To Increase Profits
This seminar will help you to develop strategies to improve your profits and manage your cash flow. It will help you recognize problem projects, identify unwanted expenses, increase productivity and manage overhead expenses. A seasoned CFO will discuss how your business can meet today's contracting challenges.

Operations Management

  • Learn fundamental ways to increase profits, improve cash flow and increase productivity
  • Provide operating personnel the systems to manage their expenses and profits
  • Reinforce the steps that make effective job costing a critical project management tool
  • Discuss proven and effective human resource practices that increase employee productivity
  • Prepare cash flow estimates for major projects
  • Understand the need for timely financial reports and their use in improving profits
  • Review strategies to manage A/R collections and learn how to manage overhead expenses

Course Topics

  • Profit Requirements
  • Estimating Risks
  • Cost Control
  • Internal Control Procedures
  • A/R Collections
  • Risk Management
  • Labour Productivity
  • Materials & Tool Management
  • Financial Reports
  • Go Forward Positioning
  • Budgeting & Profit Planning
  • Managing Human Resources
  • Cash Flow & Cash Management

Who should attend
Anyone who can influence profits: Owners, Managers, Estimators, Project Leaders, Accountants, and Gold Seal Candidates (1 SIC)

Feb. 25, 2019 (one-day seminar)
Mon. 8:30am – 4pm
1900 Minnesota Crt. Ste. 122 Mississauga
Mr. Wayne Newell
$300.00 + HST
$400.00 + HST
INSTRUCTOR: Mr. Wayne Newell

With over 35 years financial and construction experience, Wayne Newell has amassed a library of knowledge on what makes a successful contracting business. Since 2003, he has been presenting his exclusive contracting seminars in most major Canadian cities. He was awarded his CMA in 1972.