Working at Heights Refresher Class

By October 1, 2017 employers must ensure even these workers complete this initial MOL-approved working at heights training program. In fact, employers must be able to provide MOL inspectors written proof of enrollment in a program scheduled prior to this date if requested.

This initial WAH training is valid for three years from the date of successful completion of an approved program.

For continued compliance, employers must ensure the workers they employ complete an approved WAH refresher training prior to the expiration of this three year period. This refresher program must be at least half-day in length and delivered by an approved training provider. Successful completion of this training will re-validate WAH training compliance for three years.

For those employers who complied with the initial training requirement in April, 2015, or shortly thereafter, the three year training validity period is fast coming to an end and refresher training is required.

TCA member, RMG Consulting Group was the provider that MOL approval to deliver the WAH Fresher training. TCA/TCIC is collaborating with RMG to provide this Refresher training to TCA members.

This new MOL-approved Working at Heights Renewal program involves a review of basic awareness ranging from significant employer and supervisor obligations to working at heights-related hazards, along with safeguards and procedures designed to protect workers. The second part of this follow up training involves a more practical review of the functionality and safety aspects of fall protection equipment and systems. This will include a hands-on practicum.

Fri. Feb. 22, 2019
TCA, 70 Leek Cresc., Richmond Hill
Fri. Jun. 7, 2019
MCA Training room, 1900 Minnesota Crt.,
8am – 12pm (½-day seminar)
RMG Consulting Group, Inc.
TCA member:
$130 + HST
$180 + HST
INSTRUCTORS: RMG Consulting Group, Inc.